Xandra Van Welden has lived in a fantasy world her whole life; it is no surprise that she is so passionate about the art of acting.


Xandra is a well rounded creative. She has a knack for journalism, and has been in front of the camera lens not only as an actress but also a news anchor for a regional television station. Xandra first pursued an education in Marketing and Business Management. After earning her degree, with honors, she could not deny the pull she felt towards an acting career. She went on to study drama, and has now been in the industry for over a decade.


A lot of Xandra’s inspiration is channeled through her love for reading novels with a strong female heroine. She states that falling into the plots of books, and characters, gives her energy to perform in any setting whether it is on stage, in a film, TV series or commercials. She is known for her incredible ability to adapt in any role she is given.


When Xandra is not “behind the camera,” she can be found searching for an adrenaline rush on the wheels of a mountain bike or climbing the high Alps in Switzerland. Her zest for life and adventurous nature defines her as a powerful individual, both emotionally and physically.


She is the embodiment of drive, discipline and assuredness. To see Xandra Van Welden is to observe an actress at the height of her skill and creativity as she brings a wide range of complex characters to life. 

Size (European): M/38

Length: 172cm (5' 7")

Jeans: 28

Shoe size (European): 40