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Noah Shark - Where Passion, Motivation, and Ambition Meets Experience, Connections, and Profile.


Passion. Motivation. Ambition.

These words define the small, elite group of actors and actresses represented by Noah Shark. More than just a traditional agency,

Noah Shark bridges the talent gap that today’s firms and creatives - from production houses to photographers to directors - face in the increasingly demanding and discriminating entertainment space.

Experience. Connections. Profile.

Led by Arno Steenackers, Noah Shark understands the language and idiosyncrasies of today’s - not yesterday’s - entertainment industry. Through their industry experience and professional backgrounds, the agency not only makes the necessary connections to help bring projects across the finish line but are equipped to ensure any production achieves the polish and refinement their clients desire.

Noah Shark appeals to qualified talent who appreciate the “boutique” experience, one that engages in financial and tax advice so that the firm’s talent can focus on what matters - their art. At Noah Shark, it’s more than just handling contract negotiations...

it’s about clearing the path.

Where experience, connections, and profile meet passion, motivation, and ambition, you’ll find Noah Shark.


Connect with us today to learn more.

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