Size (European): L/52

Length: 173cm (5'8")

Jeans: 33

Shoe size (European): 42



Jan Debski is a versatile actor who brings a level of commitment and creativity to his roles that is truly remarkable. With more than fifteen years of experience under his belt, Jan is well-equipped to serve in a variety of different projects, whether they be on stage or screen. You won't have to worry about Jan delivering second rate performances, as the quality of work you see is consistent with the quantity.


Jan Debski is a natural storyteller, actor and free expressionist. He is extremely interested in exploring the body, mind, and heart of the character being portrayed. He focuses on the character's transformation to present the best version of the character possible. This is why his performances are always captivating and sincere.


Jan has spent his life delivering on his deep desire to help others. From his bright performances on stage and camera to his natural ease as a subject, Jan brings with him a lifetime of experience. Jan draws upon these experiences to create realistic characters that resonate with the deepest emotions that translate well on camera.


Jan graduated in Cours Simon in 2004 and did a two-year Meisner Course in London at the Impulse Company with Scott Williams. He speaks Dutch, English and French.


He is capable and willing to work with anyone who can help him achieve his goals.