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Size (European): XL/56

Length: 180cm (5'10")

Jeans: 36

Shoe size (European): 42



Ivan Pecnik is a multi-talented actor from Antwerp, Belgium. He has honed in his expertise for nearly three decades, following earning his Masters Degree in drama and performing arts. The art of being in the moment with the intent to express your creativity comes naturally to Pecnik. The profession of an entertainer is an intense one, and can bring about self reflection as well as relaxation. Ivan is a great actor with a heart of gold who was born to perform and loves what he does. 


Much like his career in the arts, Ivan proves his high energy and adaptability in the classroom. He is known for his warm voice and down-to-earth charisma that makes every role he plays relatable. Pecnik understands what it takes to get the act off the stage and out of the theatres into people’s homes, their tablets and phones and into the hearts and minds of those who love art in all its forms.


Passionate about live performances himself, he emphasizes the joy from experiences he has received via the “audience seat.” Ivan has had the pleasure to witness some incredible classical composers' work live, such as Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven. As for his interests on screen, Ivan’s favorites include Unorthodox, House of Cards, and Breaking Bad to name a few.


Ivan is open to any project coming his way, and looking for new opportunities to play different characters. His recent work includes his involvement in multiple Disney productions on stage and as Betty’s father in the Flemish version of Ugly Betty.