Size (European): M/50

Length: 180cm (5'10")

Jeans: 32

Shoe size (European): 42



Geert Vaes is an artist and creator of celebrated performances, movies and video works. For over two decades, has developed an impressive body of work with a unique aesthetic, bringing together imagery, physical theater, multimedia, performance and the visual arts. He uses his powerful voice to underscore his hypnotic performances along with video projections that illuminate his deep-rooted themes as he evokes the hidden corners of human behavior through storytelling. 


His unique style immediately marks his performances. He has an exceptional presence, both on stage and on screen, with physicality and his sense for language makes him a master of the spoken word; Geert speaks Dutch, English, and French.


As an actor, Geert Vaes uses improvisation as a tool. Both in rehearsals and at the performing moment, he establishes personal contact with the audience so that they may disappear from their everyday life for a short period of time. The focus is on acting as connection; in the world as well as between himself and his public.


Creativity and authenticity are the elements that define Geert. This is where he draws his inspiration: from family and friends, the people I meet on and off set, and of course their stories. These stories not only inspire his art but also the way he approaches life in general. He is fascinated by its complexity: the differences between people, cultures, beliefs, habits. And how it all fits together into a wonderful, crazy puzzle.


Vaes graduated from the Conservatory of Brussels' RITCS Film and Theatre School with his Masters Degree.