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Aza_Photo A.jpg

Size (European): 38

Length: 170cm (5' 6")

Jeans: 27

Shoe size (European): 38



Aza is a renowned Belgian actress, internationally acclaimed for her performances in the theatre, cinema, and television. She has been recognized by critics and audiences alike; she was nominated as Best Actress for The Maverick Movie Awards, and in 2018 for The Universal Film Festival held in Kansas, USA. Aza’s development as an actress has been gradual. She learned her hard lessons early on and was determined to become the best actress she could be. She didn’t want to ‘just get by,’ she wanted her performances to be special.


Aza uses her writing and directing talents to bring knowledge into the spotlight. In 2016, she wrote and directed her first short film and is now chipping away at a script for her first feature film. Her experience in the industry goes far beyond that of the typical actress; because of this, she offers both a fresh and focused perspective on set.


Her flexibility and ability to adapt are her greatest strengths. Aza has been in a number of productions and films, but has also frequently served as a voice over artist for commercials, book narration, and more. With 28 years of experience in the field, she can be counted on to handle any situation and ‘read’ the director. She takes direction extremely well. A friendly, down to earth personality with a bit of a quirky edge makes her memorable to the audience and those she works with.


Aza is known for her gentle, easy-going nature, as well as her punctuality and preparedness. 


She describes the industry as “a world in which I feel at home.”