Size (European): XL/56

Length: 187cm (6'1")

Jeans: 36

Shoe size (European): 43



Victor Peeters has always been an ambitious man. As a child, he was already fascinated by the world of cinema, which explains why he studied the art before starting his career on screen. Peeters has spent over two decades in the entertainment industry following his training at ‘De Studio’. He is best known as an engaging actor with a string of theater and TV roles under his belt.


Victor is a jack of all trades, and his hands have touched many projects over the years – in theatre, film, television and advertising. Always ready to learn new skills and put them into practice. From thriller films such as Left Bank, to dramatic narratives such as Botanica, Peeters presence on set is nothing but seamless. Victor Peeters is an expert supporting actor as well, rising to any challenge he’s given. Durable and dependable in any role, with a reputation for high energy performances and strong stage presence.

Peeters has an ability to command any scene he is a part of. He brings a sense of realism to each character he portrays and with his diverse background, bringing life to almost any role. Victor is putting his experience and training to use in films you’ll be proud to share. He wants to help filmmakers efficiently and effectively create the best material.


To Victor, this career path is more than just that. It’s rare that an actor can attach words and feelings to a character. With the help of a good director, Victor Peeters is able to dive deep into these characters. The challenge lies not only in acting but in getting the audience to see what he wants them to see.