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Size (European): S/36

Length: 165cm (5' 4")

Jeans: 27

Shoe size (European): 40



The best projects are all about the right fit. A respected professional known for strong female character roles, Trine Thielen is passionate about her work and always planning her next role. Trine is an actress from Belgium, raised bilingually by a British father and a Belgian mother, with two decades in the industry. She had always been drawn to her calling of performing, landing her first lead role at the age of fifteen in a professional theatre production. Trine graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with Honors, where her focus of study was drama, then attended the International School of Acting in London and is currently also studying part-time as a certified drama- (psycho)therapist.


Over the years, aside from fulfilling numerous roles and portraying many diverse characters, Trine also gained experience behind the scenes and as a producer. Her time spent working in the industry when she was not in front of the camera allowed Trine to fully grasp the art and in turn become an above average actress with a true understanding of what it takes to create magic on set.


Theatre is a form of vocal art that can be described as "the impossible made possible." It's in character that Trine thrives. As long as the audience is entertained, she will do what it takes to bring the character to life. She is known for her good timing and impressive English accent.


In her spare time, Trine leads inclusive drama workshops for children with learning restrictions, to help them feel confident, express their feelings and build relationships in a safe environment. Her mission is for every child to be able to experience the joy of acting out their wildest imaginations.